LAAF operates as a philanthropic innovation lab using technology to globally scale open-source education innovations to help individuals elevate their giving. We create philanthropic resources and programs to advance the educational, individual and institutional fields of philanthropy and amplify their measurable social impact.



We believe everyone has the potential to be an extraordinary philanthropist by learning how to take their existing talents, assets and passions and translate them into great social impact. No matter what you have to give, your generosity can transform the lives of others by channeling valuable resources to people, organizations and communities that can use it most effectively. We can all improve HOW we give by learning to better understand the needs of the individuals and nonprofits we aim to serve and the actual impact of our gifts. LAAF resources for individual givers provide you with educational tools to help you make more informed giving choices.



Gen X and Gen Y are passionate about creating social change in our world but are often seeking guidance or tools to help them transform their good intentions into great impact. LAAF aims to provide these life-long students with valuable resources to help them learn how to give their time, expertise, networks, money and passion in a way that can measurably impact the world around them. Whether you want to start your own nonprofit; serve on a nonprofit board; integrate philanthropy into a for-profit company; use technology to enhance your social change capacity; or volunteer in a meaningful way, LAAF has a variety of resources that can help you make the most of whatever you have to give.



Strategic philanthropy is beginning to build momentum as an academic field. When Laura joined Stanford Graduate School of Business’s faculty in 2000, field-based strategic philanthropy courses were not being taught at universities and limited case studies had been written about philanthropic institutions. The number of philanthropy classes has grown significantly in the past decade, with approximately 150 philanthropy courses now taught in universities nationally. LAAF hopes to fuel a movement to have philanthropy taught at every U.S. college and university, and we are supporting this movement by providing free, online resources for any faculty member to start a new philanthropy course or enhance their current offerings. Educator resources include case studies, teaching notes, learning notes, videos, syllabi and a discussion guide for Giving 2.0.


The Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen Foundation (LAAF) is a private operating foundation with a mission to inspire, educate and empower people to give in a way that matters more.


A philanthropist is anyone who gives anything—time, money, experience, skills or networks—in any amount to create a better world.
— Giving 2.0: Transform Your Giving and Our World


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