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Legacy Leadership Story Series

Our latest blog series focuses on recent graduates’ stories of how they are committing to intentional inclusivity and social impact as legacy leaders in their careers. Read about their legacy leadership journeys here.

Milana Shapira

Milana Shapira

Milana Shapira just finished business school. Now she’s planning on growing her fashion brand company that aims to transform business casual wear for women.

“I look forward to building an organizational culture that reflects the crucial elements of our womanhood. A culture of caring for and supporting each other… A culture that celebrates collaboration and respects the importance of work-life balance, family and relationships.”

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A Note From Our Founder


I founded (the Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen Foundation) to educate and empower individuals of all backgrounds, resources and ages to give, live and lead in a way that matters more. I believe that what matters is not what but HOW you give, live and lead. For the last two plus decades, I have dedicated my life and career to founding and leading SV2 (the Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund), Stanford PACS (Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society) and the formal academic fields of philanthropy. Over the last five years, my work, academic research and teaching have expanded to include the critically important areas of women in leadership and intentionally inclusive, or what I call “legacy leadership.” At every step I have piloted and practiced what I teach and preach. Through, I share with you my knowledge, resources and support to amplify the power of you–how you give, live and lead–and make it matter to our present and future that you were here.