Nonprofit impact assessment

NonProfit Assessment Guide

This note guides givers through the complex and critical process of conducting nonprofit organizational assessments and making funding recommendations.

Conducting nonprofit organizational assessments and funding recommendations are complex and critical processes in strategic philanthropy. When assessing any nonprofit, individual philanthropists and professional grantmakers will want to consider myriad organizational, financial and capacity issues—including evaluation and potential impact. Ultimately, any funding recommendation should determine whether the value of the social capital investment will be tantamount to or exceed both the potential social impact (measured against risk) as well as the lost opportunity cost of other possible investment options.

Site visit Guide

This resource helps givers thoughtfully prepare for as well as proactively and respectfully engage at every stage of a site visit.

Tools for conducting a site visit

Site visits are a valuable—and fun—part of conducting nonprofit organizational assessments. Site visits provide a forum for deeper conversations than you can have in written, electronic or telephone correspondence and can provide an opportunity to experience the nonprofits’ programming first-hand. To make the most of this opportunity, it is important to thoughtfully prepare for as well as proactively and respectfully engage at every stage of the process.

Tools and materials for starting and maintaining an impactful giving circle

Giving 2.0: Giving Circle Guide

A resource for anyone starting, leading or joining a giving circle.

The Giving 2.0 Giving Circle Guide empowers givers to maximize their time, skills and fundraised dollars to create real and meaningful social impact. Each section provides activities, workshops and guiding questions that help giving circle participants and leadership teams think through and articulate their strategic and operational plans.