The Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen Foundation (LAAF) creates resources and programs that provide innovative philanthropy education to empower individuals globally to make their giving (in whatever form and size it takes) more meaningful—both to themselves and the organizations and people they aspire to serve. Leveraging emerging technologies and our founder’s decades of experience, LAAF programs are scaling access to and participation in high-impact philanthropy education, helping individuals maximize their social impact through proactive, strategic and collaborative giving.


We believe that evaluation in philanthropy is critical. Put simply, evaluation is a tool for learning how any individual, grantmaking institution or social change organization can improve and increase the positive social change we strive to create in our world. Evaluation shows us what is working, what is not and why.

At LAAF, we believe in integrating evaluation and assessment at every step of the product development process. At each of our new program’s inception, we work carefully to define what success looks like —in the short-, intermediate- and long-term, and we identify key indicators and intermittent benchmarks to help us understand if we are making progress towards our objectives. We also define what failure will look like, and what actions we can proactively take to mitigate risk and tackle challenges along the way.

With our particular emphasis on innovation and evolution, evaluation gives us invaluable feedback to better understand our programs’ impact and course correct, improve and evolve as necessary to achieve our goals. On an annual basis, we will report our accomplishments and learning to help others learn along with us and prevent a reinvention of the “philanthropic wheel.”